Sangeet is a pre-wedding event that includes dance, music, games and heaps of fun! With time, the Sangeet functions have become the occasion that everybody looks forward to wherein both the families get together, exhibit dance performances in front of an audience, share jokes and make the night about getting well acquainted with one another! Everybody is loaded up with enthusiasm and euphoria on a Sangeet night, watching and participating in solo performances and fun family games.

An enjoyable sangeet ceremony is not exclusive to perfect arrangements, preparations of the decor, food and entertainment behind the scenes. Seeking the expertise of wedding planner will ensure that every event till your special wedding day is a complete package of enjoyment, gorgeousness and fun. ‘ Luxury Wedding Plans’ offers services that encompass ideation to execution to make your wedding celebrations memorable. Brainstorming ideas for your Sangeet ceremony to make it unforgettable can be difficult; that’s why we have few suggestions that can work wonders for this much-awaited wedding celebration.

Banter & humourous exchange of jokes

The primary thing you need to do to create Sangeet night that is an absolute hit is incredible Sangeet content that needs to be humorous. Tell jokes, connect with relatives and companions, uncover privileged insights about the groom and bride regarding how they met, embarrassing stories (with consent!) or organize brisk games to get the crowd participating. You could employ an expert emcee, or if you have an amusing relative or an uncle who consistently makes individuals laugh hysterically, make them the steerer of the fun Sangeet night! Remember, laughing never falls flat!

Grooving to Bollywood songs

Who wouldn’t very much want to chime in with everlasting Bollywood melodies? One of the mainstream Sangeet Ceremony ideas is to get relatives and family members to grab the mic and sing their favourite tunes! However, it becomes more fun when there is an unexpected twist to it. As a surprise, call up the groom and bride’s name and request them to sing one of their favourite 90’s Bollywood track for each other. It’s not about the details, but rather the way that everybody has a great time!

The great dance faceoff

One of the most incredible Sangeet Ceremony ideas that can never fizzle down is an enjoyable dance-off between the bride and group groom’s relatives! Take help from the wedding choreographer to set up some crushing dance sequences on mainstream Bollywood melodies and let there be a dance battle! Set the stage ablaze with all your dance moves and make the atmosphere lively with Bollywood music.

What’s a wedding without some adorable performances starring kids? You can incorporate a showcase of performances, whether it be singing or dancing, in your Sangeet Ceremony ideas list. Dress them up in their best smart suits and pretty lehengas and coordinate some singing and dancing steps. You could likewise give each child a prize blessing as a badge of consolation for their endeavours! The primary highlight is to have heaps of fun! The more you enjoy, the more excellent your recollections from the super hit Sangeet ceremony!

‘Luxury Wedding Plans’ crafts a beautiful wedding for you along with the perfect arrangement of the decor, entertainment, delicious delicacies, accommodation, wedding destination for all the wedding ceremonies. We strive to make your wedding a grand and luxurious affair as it deserves to be so.