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Concept & Design

— Shine on your wedding day

“Decoration is an extremely important element because it affects the wedding style, the atmosphere, the mood and generally the whole wedding experience. A luxurious, opulent wedding always needs extra shine and glamour”

~ Reeta Agarwal [ Creative Director “Luxury Wedding Plans”]

Needless to say, decor is the first thing that catches attention in a wedding or a pre wedding function. Decor showcases your individuality and taste for the colors, the elements and the overall ambiance. As professionals, we focus on nothing but the best, from aesthetics to the functionality of the decor.

Your wedding decor is based on your taste and your persona. We bring life to your wedding with the right decor. Come exchange vows within what will feel like a magically decorated venue.

For Design and Concept we offer following

  1. Conceptualization
  2. Overall Theme Designing and related elements like colour palettes, mood boards, layout plan, Presentations
  3. Tenting & Fabrication
  4. Creative Floral Arrangements,
  5. Candles and Lighting
  6. Production & Execution

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